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Starting an online business is a bit trickier than just slapping up a website. (Despite what all those “make thousands in your pajama” ads tell you.)

Ever since the birth of the internet, companies of all sizes have been expanding their business onto the web.

The internet has made it possible for almost anyone to easily form their own business.

It has forever changed the way we do commerce in the 21st century.


If you dream of building your own successful online business, then you will definitely want to read through what I call “the millionaire secrets to running an online business.”

“Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest…”

Sorry.  I have two young daughters. I think “Beauty and the Beast” plays on a 24 hour loop at our house.

Yet, as I think of one of the biggest mistakes new online businesses make it that they fail to identify “their guests.”

It has been said before that the three most crucial aspects of a successful brick-and-mortar business are location, location, and location.

Open your store in a back-alley in the middle of nowhere and it is almost certain to fail.

Put the same store in a popular social hub where a lot of people go and its chances of success increase exponentially.

This is equally true of online businesses.

In order to be successful, an online business must first and foremost be discoverable. There are an estimated 575,000 new websites built per DAY around the world.

So how do you get anyone to find yours?

In order to rise above this sea of low-traffic websites, you must optimize your online presence for search engine discoverability.

Normally, the first step in optimizing your discoverability is to choose a great domain name.  It used to be that the closer your domain name was to heavily searched words or phrases, the higher you would appear on the search results.

This is less an of issue today.

The benefit to having a catchy name today is more for the “remember” factor than anything else.

That being said, you still do want to do everything you can to make your website as friendly as possible to Google and the other search engines.  This is called “Search Engine Optimization” – or SEO for short.

From the headings on the website to the text to the images, there are plenty of things that can be modified to optimize your website’s discoverability. Learning SEO is a science that take an incredible amount of time to learn.

As you’re just starting out, unless you are an expert on it already it will be much more effective to hire an SEO professional instead.

The great news for you is that the websites created through Digital Altitude are already fully optimized to be discovered by search engines such as Google.

All of the SEO legwork is done for you, free of charge, setting you up with a website that can easily be found on the web.  Plus, we’re continually improving the pages on a weekly and daily basis.

  1. Create an Effective Website

online business

Can you imagine walking into a McDonald’s and not knowing where to go to order food?  Of course not.  McDonald’s makes ordering the primary focus of every store.

Yet, when it comes to websites, far too many people think they have to be “pretty.”

That if they can just get their site “pretty enough” than people will magically appear and buy stuff.

Worse still… they’ll hide their payment buttons deep inside the site so as to not be so “salesy.”

Then they wonder why they can’t sell anything.


That’s it.

Everything else, including design and how the site looks, are secondary.

Some of the highest grossing websites in the world have been a single page letter with nothing more than “ugly” red and black font.  And they’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars because they made it easy to buy.

If you were to tackle building a website on your own… here are the three things you would normally have to do:


Is the target action of your website, whether that be buying a product, signing up for a service, or anything in-between, as easy as possible?

Or do your visitors have to click through several links in order to complete the action you are hoping for?

Remember, easier is better.

A good rule of thumb is the “three click” rule. Your guests should be able to access anything they might be searching for on your website within three clicks.

Building a site that is functional, friendly, looks good AND gets people to pull out their wallets is a learned art. Just like SEO, if you’re not already an expert, it’s usually best to hire someone.

You also need to make sure your site is “responsive” to mobile devices.  There are still far too many companies that design their websites just for Laptops and desktops.  With over 50% of all internet traffic coming from a phone, a sloppy design can kill your customer experience and cause them not to come back.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free plugins that can help you do this for your site.


Alright, so now you have a website that is as functional as possible.  But what do you fill it with?  You wouldn’t open a store with nothing on the shelves. Your site needs attractive merchandise… i.e. engaging content. Obviously the material on your website should be professional and always subtly coaxing your visitors toward the desired action. If, however, you are not an exceptional writer yourself or if you just don’t like writing, you have a few different options:

  • Hire a writer to do your content for you
  • Shoot short videos
  • Hire a graphic designer to create an infographic
  • Record a podcast

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  A podcast show once a week has been enough to drive plenty of traffic to websites.


Like your written copy, your images should be high quality, professional and should also set the tone of your website. In most cases, the colors should be bright and the theme of the images should be positive.

At the very least you will want  to purchase a few high quality stock images for your website from a source such as Shutterstock.  If you take a look at all of our you’ll see that everything is very polished, professional and pretty to look at.

It makes a difference when compared to all the low-grade crap that passes as a business site these days.  A clean, crisp look immediately sets your brand value much higher than the rest of the market.

As a member of Digital Altitude, all of these things are done for you automatically.

Your website is created from the ground up using proven sales copy, engaging images, and a flawlessly functional design. It’s just up to you to get visitors to your store.

  1. Maintain an Online Presence that Extends Beyond Your Website

online business

Your website it your number one tool for connecting with customers, but that doesn’t mean it should be your only online presence.

Several of Digital Altitude members get 100% of their traffic from sites like Facebook and Instagram.

You have a lot of options: video streaming services, podcasts, periscopes, tweets and blogs are all great  ways  to grow your brand and reach customers you may have not been able to reach before.

However you choose to grow your online presence, doing so will have  a whole host of advantages  you can’t get operating from a single website alone.

The trick is to not try and do all of it.  The #1 mistake people new to online marketing make is thinking that they have to do everything.  And within a week they are burnt out, frustrated and have already given up.

Pick ONE method and stick with it until you can see results, customers and money coming in.  Do NOT buy into the “new, shiny object” syndrome that promises that all you have to do is push a button to reap hoards of traffic and money.

Stick with ONE.  Once you’ve got a steady stream of visitors from it, then you can think about incorporating ONE more source.

The bigger your reach in ONE market, the more power your brand will have.  Many celebrities are often paid thousands  of dollars just to send out a single tweet on Twitter because of how many followers they have.

And each market has it’s own celebrities who are huge in that ONE thing but not so much in the others.   Like the bestselling book says, “Do ONE Thing” until you master it


In the realm of online businesses, there are an almost limitless number of ways to make a buck. From advertising to services to products, the ways in which you can monetize a website are vast, and choosing which ones  you will pursue is an important consideration.

To help you with this choice, here is a rundown, including the pros and cons, of each of the four main ways to monetize a website:

  1. Advertising

online business

With TV, Radio and Newspaper advertising slowly dying out, companies around the world are desperate to get in front of a new audience.

Depending on your reach and how many visitors you can get to your website, you may find that those companies want to pay YOU to place a banner or an ad.

One of the pros of making money through advertisements is that you are not having to rely on visitors to your website to buy your product or service; they make you money simply by being there. This means that if you can create a high-traffic website full of engaging content, you can make money without ever even having to offer a product or service.

One of the main disadvantages of monetizing your website via advertisements is that it takes a really long time to build up the type of constant visitors to be able to charge for your ads.  And unless you have a very high traffic website, chances are you won’t make that much money.

  1. Services

online business

This is quickly becoming one of the most popular models for starting an online business, and it can take many forms. Traditional forms of the service model could include services such as consulting, graphic design, or any other services that can be carried out online but must be performed by a real person on the other end.

One big advantage of offering a service on your website is that it’s much easier to find a targeted market of people who want to buy.

Disadvantages of offering a service is that if YOU are the one doing the service like coaching or consulting… eventually you’ll hit a point where you can’t possibly take on any new clients. Which means your income is capped by your available time.

In this case, you’ve just traded one job working for someone else to a job working for yourself.  Only now, all the risk is on you.  If 50% of your clients leave on summer vacation, suddenly your income drops by 50% as well.

You can go from feast to famine in less than a week.

Fortunately for you, there is a far better way…


Selling products is the most common form an online business can take and is arguably the most effective way to monetize a website. Whether you are selling a product that you yourself created or operating as a third-party referrer for sites like Digital Altitude selling products from your website can be incredibly lucrative.

One of the advantages  of selling products is that, if your products are digital, you personally aren’t involved.  Someone can buy at 2 A.M. and get what they bought without any support needed.

This allows you to scale your business as big as the market for it will allow you to go.  You’re no longer trading hours-for-dollars.  You’re now getting paid for your ideas and the value you provide.

Disadvantages of selling products on your website is that it requires constant monitoring and over-the-top customer support.

If something breaks, you need to be able to fix it in a matter of minutes.  This constant monitoring can take it’s toll after awhile and many online entrepreneurs feel chained to their computer. you (or your employees) to be very involved in the process. Between storing, packaging, and shipping the product, there is a lot of work to be done in a business that has physical products for sale.

Selling a product also requires you to have a product for sale in the first place, which is often easier said than done.  Mistake #2 that people make is spending years of their lives and tens of thousands  of dollars creating a product without testing the idea first.  Then they launch it and it fails horribly.  And since so much time and money was tied up in it, they had all their eggs in one basket.

A failed product launch spells doom much of the time.

Affiliate Commission

This is by far my favorite method. To earn affiliate commissions, all you have  to do is use your own special link and send visitors to it.  Anytime anyone clicks that link and buys a product, you earn a percentage of the money, or a commission.

Here’s the great thing about this model:

  • You don’t need a website, domain or hosting
  • You don’t need to deal with any technical issues like integration, payment buttons, shopping carts and a million other little things that eat at your profits.
  • You don’t need a product or to create any products
  • You don’t have to hassle with customer service, customer complaints or refunds
  • You don’t have to do any fulfilment.
  • You don’t have to deal with any business licenses, regulations or taxes.

You just promote and profit.

This is the model that Digital Altitude was built on.

However, we’ve taken it step further and have spent nearly $1 million dollars testing each and every page, word of sales copy and even the color of the “buy now” button to ensure maximum conversion rate for you.

Not only is your website created for you, complete with proven sales copy, the products being sold on  are already in place as well.  PLUS you have a coach AND a full time phone sales team to make high-ticket sales for you.

All you have to do to start earning up to 60% commission is drive traffic to your site.

Digital Altitude products range in price from $37 to $25,000+. The potential earnings off even one visitor for you is huge. Several of our members have built multi-million dollar businesses using just the Digital Altitude business model.

Here’s the thing though…

Getting people to your website is just the beginning.  Because the real money is in the follow up.

  1. Build Relationships with Your Existing Customer Base

online business

According to Forbes, at least 36% of customers who have purchased from you before will do so again if you follow up with them. Once you’ve put in the effort to go out and find those first-time customers, the next step is to turn them into repeat customers.

One of the best ways to follow up with a customer who has purchased from you before is to add them to your mailing list. Again, all the proven-to-convert follow up emails have already been writtenfor you inside your Digital Altitude back office.

So even if someone decides not to join at this time, you have over 45 days of follow up emails to encourage them to at least give it a try.

The missing link…

With Digital Altitude, there is no missing link.  You have everything you need to run a million-dollar business.  It’s just up to you drive traffic to your site.


By continuing to search for new and better ways to increase the traffic of your website, you can earn more and more affiliate commissions.

Start with these small steps and before long you will build your way to an online business that makes you more money than you would have ever thought possible before.

And as always, Don’t forget to click here to start your own million dollar business

Attention Internet Entrepreneurs:

Do You Want To A Build A 6 Figure Business From Scratch?
1. How To Build 6 figure business from scratch using FB Fanpages
2. How To Build A Huge Email Lists From Scratch Fast
3. How I Build Millions Of Followers On FB & Made 7 Figure In The Proccess
4. How To Duplicate My Success For Massive Success